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Joy//Us Poems of Queer Joy + Joy//Us Queer Joy Pill Bottle bundle

Joy//Us Poems of Queer Joy + Joy//Us Queer Joy Pill Bottle bundle

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A bundle containing a copy of the poetry anthology Joy//Us Poems of Queer Joy and a bottle of Joy//Us poetic remedies. 

I keep pointing like a signpost toward delight which, lost so long, turned up again, stupid, beautiful and forgiven, like the sun.       John McCullough

Edited by Cherry Potts and Jeremy Dixon
An eclectic collection of poetry that illuminates and celebrates, who,
how, why and where we are now.
Trudy Howson, LGBT Poet Laureate

A gorgeous celebratory kaleidoscope of poems on the many joys of
James McDermott

Arachne Press has long been a champion of LGBTQ+ writers, but they’ve never before published an anthology of LGBTQ+ poetry. These are joyful poems that celebrate all that is best about our community/ies and lives. This is not an ‘explain it to the straights’ book, this is for us. LGBTQ+ readers can open this book at random and find a moment of poetic queer joy for themselves, however big or small.

approx 60pp
Print £9.99

Poetry Pills

Poetic remedies to lift the spirits.

• No bitter pills
• No adverse reactions
• Not to be swallowed (except metaphorically)

The glass bottle contains pill capsules, each containing some poetry on banana-paper.
Handmade in Bishops Castle, Shropshire.

All contents are biodegradable.


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