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Fan-Peckled - Twelve Old Shropshire Words

Fan-Peckled - Twelve Old Shropshire Words

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A beautifully produced soft-back pamphlet ‘Fan-peckled’ – which in old Shropshire dialect means ‘freckled’. A delicious combination by Shropshire poet Jean Atkin and artist Katy Alston.

The twelve poems are all built on dialect words and phrases from ‘The Shropshire Word-Book, A Glossary of Archaic and Provincial Words, Etc., Used in the County’ by Georgina F. Jackson 1879 each with an accompanying illustration from local artist Katy Alston.

These are the 12 words or phrases:

Shalligonaked; Talking to Mommets; Fan-peckled; Lady-with-the-ten-flounces; Barley-child; Glid; Buts and Feerings; Noonspell, Keffel; Clicket; Geoltitudes, and a Corve of Oddlings.

Signed by both Jean Atkin and Katy Alston.

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